Tuesday, May 14, 2019


white house reviews
military plans against iran
in echoes of iraq war

those drumbeats of war
are always drumming in america

like car bass
when you’re trying
to get a good night’s sleep

and when republicans go to the beach
it’s always with their dicks in the sand

missiles like dildos
shoved up their self-righteous asses

with the democrats
running right along
to keep slopping up the mess

still 120,000 troops
ain’t no slouch

iran you expensive mistress!

and 461,000 iraqi civilians isn’t either
just in case anyone needs a reminder
of what western-style freedom is worth

still the cost must be outrageous

you can count it
on the number of kids who won’t eat today

you can see it
on the big grins and big dicks
over at lockheed martin and boeing

but god bless the THAAD system
and god bless the air craft carrier
for dragging all of those EA-18G growlers
half-way across the world

to prove that america
is once again the great i am

to show the world
that this kind of violence and aggression

is all we’ve got left.

--John Grochalski 


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