Wednesday, May 29, 2019


Making Feminism Great Again

Today a man spit in my face.
Then, while he held my head in place
Until my throat relaxed around his cock,
And moved me into a position
Where he could force a toy up my ass,
I thought about how he had voted for Trump.
I wondered if I was a disgrace to feminism.

And then I came.

--India LaPlace

This poem was taken from the current (and TERRIFIC) anthology
of poetry HORROR SLEAZE TRASH POEMS which you can
find to purchase right HERE 

Also, I've been lucky enough over the years to have some poems
published in Horror Sleaze Trash, for years by editor, Ben John Smith,
and for the last few by the wonderful team of Arthur Graham & India LaPlace.

for more of an inkling into what they do, you can check more HST action
out right HERE (note for the fainthearted: there's some NSFW content here)

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