Monday, June 3, 2019


song of the border wall (fence)

make it the finest of springy-metal
the kind you can bounce a basketball on

make it from the weaves
of lindsay graham’s used underwear

string it together
with all of donny john’s
bullshit and hate, his xenophobia
misogyny and lies

paint it orange like his fat face
or pale yellow like his comb-over hair

make it as crooked as the whole trump family

dress it nice and long
like the contours of mitch mcconnell’s neck

black like the veil
that he’s draped over democracy

make it shine like pompeo’s smug smile
bristly like john bolton’s war hawk mustache

as big and bold
as brett kavanaugh at a frat party
masking his petty little existence with beer

make us a border wall (fence)
as rickety as the foundations of our democracy!
as spineless as the GOP!
as cowardly as the democratic party!

make us a border wall
that SCREAMS america

one made to stand the test of time
but will probably fall over and turn into dust.

at the smallest inkling of a storm.

--John Grochalski


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