Friday, June 28, 2019


Despack the fight
“Despack the fight,” said Sarah Huckasands.
She said it twice, and you know what?
I think we should listen.
Our fight has been spackled over
with layers of lies and conspiracies.
Sedimented like an abandoned statue
in layers of pigeon droppings.
“Spackle is messy,” says Mason Howard,
“whether you're applying a small patch
or covering a large surface.
It gets on tools and on the floor.
Because spackle dries hard quickly,
it's important to clean it up
right away. Cleaning up dried spackle
requires a bit more work.”
Layers of spackle have dried on our fight
For more than two years. Despacking
will require work. And so to arms!
Bring your putty knives, your bristle brushes,
your wood oil, window cleaner and vinegar,
your carpet spot remover,
your towels and sponges.
And finally floods of water to wash it all away,
and let us see what we really are.
Despack the filth, the lies, the hatred.
Make American Clean Again.

-- Cheryl Caesar
Ryan Bort, “Even Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Struggling to Defend Trump’s Rhetoric,” Rolling Stone, 29 October 2018
Mason Howard, “How to Clean Spackle,” Hunker.


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