Sunday, June 16, 2019


But We're British

Walking through the housing
Estate and ones nearby, I
Notice the amount of Union
Jacks that people have flying in
Their gardens, on huge flagpoles
Higher than their houses. I don't know
What they are trying to say. A protest
Against immigration ? Or pro-Brexit ?
I think that it makes them look like
Fucking fools. Americans can get
Away with flying Old Glory all they
Want to. But we're British and there's
Something about us that is intrinsically
Different from the folks from the U.S.A.
I am proud of my country. I'm proud
Of the Welfare State and the N.H.S.
To me these are the things that make
Us Great Britain. That we care about
Our people and we will not let anyone
Die from starvation or illness, if we
Can help it. But there's no way I would
Ever fly the flag in my garden. It
Makes you look like a racist, if you
Are one or not. I know this is wrong
And I fully believe in reclaiming the
Flag from the far right scum that
Have stolen it for their pathetic, evil
Ends. But in times like this, it's just
Too provocative, inflammatory.
And it makes you look like a dick.

--Ian Copestick

Ian Lewis Copestick is a 46 year old writer from Stoke on Trent. He has had over 140 poems published in nearly 20 e-zines including Punk Noir Magazine, Academy Of The Heart And Mind, Winedrunk Sidewalk, Outlaw Poetry, The Rye Whiskey Review and many more.

His debut collection of poetry " Detritus Of The Drunken Night " was recently published by Cajun Mutt Press and is available through Amazon.

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