Tuesday, June 11, 2019


You’re a genius, Mr. Trump!

(to the tune of the Grinch song)

You’re a genius, Mr. Trump!
Your intellect is keen!
Your uncle taught at MIT, and you picked up the gene,
Mr. Tru – ump!
You think a Lockheed Martin – actually can’t be seen!

You’re an adept, Mr. Trump!
You just follow what you feel!
If it snows in Minnesota, global warming can’t be real,
Mr. Tru – ump!
You tell us man invented walls – after the wheel!

You’re an Einstein, Mr. Trump!
And science is a breeze!
You think windmills must be turning when we turn on our TVs,
Mr. Tru – ump!
You’re seventy- two and -- you’ve never heard of batteries!

You’re a savant, Mr. Trump!
With a special kind of brain!
You can’t close up an umbrella, so you drop it by the plane,
Mr. Tru – ump!
Your only problem is – the rest of the world’s insane!

 --Cheryl Caesar 

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