Saturday, June 8, 2019


youngstown boys are still for trump

they love the tv tough guy
they’ll eat that tariff pain for lunch
as long as there’s a fight
it don’t matter
let the tattered flag wave
high and mighty
over those pancakes at the yankee kitchen
as long as the president is on tv talking tough
a guy the rest of the world
don’t wanna mess with
because he will get even
and don’t give them some kinder, gentler bullshit
don’t give them some female running for president
with her own agenda
her equal pay nonsense
that abortion crap
nah, we got the salt of the earth here
the real americans
god fearing
apple-pie loving
bootstrap, cold war babies
who’d have all the jobs
if it wasn’t for them immigrants
dragging down wages
and burdening tax payers
you see, the youngstown boys are still for trump
they’ll bleed his bullshit
til it bleeds them dry
they’ll go down with the ship
chase that gop clown car over a cliff
or to the banks of the mahoning river
and drown in republican hypocrisy
even though all of them good ol’ boy jobs
ain’t never coming back
even though the economic recovery didn’t come
to mahoning county
them steel mill plants ain’t burning like the devil
like the president promised
just 1600 jobs in lordstown
fucking gone.

--John Grochalski

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