Wednesday, June 5, 2019


It’s Not About the South

It’s not about the South
I tell him.
It’s not about protecting children.
It’s about controlling women.
Those legislatures,
their daughters and wives and mistresses
will always have access to abortions.
Yeah, he says, I know
he says
but also it’s the South.
It figures it’s happening in the South.

I let it go because I know that later on
a police office will stand on a subway
and mock women for wanting abortion.
Will read out loud the reasons why
they claim they should have rights to their body,

should be able to have control over their lives.
He will be filmed doing this and nothing will happen.
No one will care that he tried to scare women he didn’t know.
No one will care that women
and their choices
and their bodies
were a joke to him.

This will happen in New York City
which always seemed
so far from Alabama
we know
is actually
so horribly close.

--Ally Malinenko 

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