Saturday, August 7, 2010

poem of the day 08.07.10

her sister’s ass

we were young once
we thought we were in love
and on the trip to indiana
for her nephew’s birthday
she warned me about her older sister

she’s a slut, she said

how? i asked

she dresses like one
she has a different man
almost every other month

she doesn’t sound so bad, i said

she’s disgusting

her sister lived in a quiet suburb
with picket fences and green lawns
and the whole nine yards

she took care of her kids

while some people would say
that she dressed like a slut
(including her younger sister)

cut-off jean shorts with high heels
halter tops with black bras
or no bras at all

i didn’t seem to mind

i thought that the woman i was with
didn’t like her sister because
her sister knew how to let it loose

she danced when the radio
played her song
she liked to move around the room
smoking her cigarettes, holding a beer
her morning coffee was laced
with a little bit of irish whiskey
and she looked like she liked to fuck

my woman and i were in a dry spell
that had lasted a month
and showed no signs of ending any time soon

she’s harmless, i told her

she’s a slut

on the morning of the birthday party
her sister came into the room
my woman and i were sharing

she had on a see-through black kimono
that only went to the top of her thighs
and she had on a black thong which covered nothing

her ass looked like two perfect summer peaches

i kept my eyes half-closed
pretending that i was asleep
while she bent over, giving me a good look

when she turned around
she looked me in the eye and winked

after she left
i laid there thinking about the kind of god
who makes an ass like that


i told you that she was a slut, she said

i guess you’re right about everything, i said
turning over toward the wall

but we were young once
and we thought we were in love
though i’ve since long forgotten what
that love ever felt like

her sister’s ass, on the other hand
lingers in my mind like the buzz off of a fine wine
or a bouquet of roses placed in the arms of a good woman


bandit said...

a topical and recurring theme least in my mind

stardigan said...

Nice! I came upon your blog randomly, and I'm following you now.

Unknown said...

sounds like a cool chick to me...

Anonymous said...

You must have been made out of Kyrptonite to resist..

Love BB's remark.. so male..
another great poem

John Grochalski said...

Lynne...i don't think she was interested.