Saturday, August 14, 2010

poem of the day 08.14.10


i come in from
the eight hour day
the evening shift

there is wine and beer
and scotch in the fridge
thus making me
the happiest i’ve been in eight hours

do you want to
stop at the joint and get
a drink after work tomorrow? my wife asks.

sure, i say
although we quit going
to the bar two weeks ago
for both personal and aesthetic reasons

i thought it would be nice, she says
besides i walked by there on the way home
and the place just looked so lonely

it was just b.j. and ivan
sitting there nursing their drinks

i made the mistake
of looking inside just
as walt (the bartender) looked up

did he see you? i asked

i don’t know, she says
i think so

maybe we’ll just stop by
for a couple
before we come home and have dinner

how does that sound? she asks

fine, i say
getting up to refill our drinks

i guess we owe them a visit.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking me along for the ride...nicely written

Pat Tillett said...

Hi there, I saw your link at Lynnes place and thought I take a chance. I like what I see here, if you don't mind, I'm going to tag along.

Pat Tillett said...

home away from home!
I've known several of these bars in my life. Very nice. I can smell the inside of the place...

John Grochalski said... always, you're welcome and thanks for reading

Pat...welcome aboard. that bar has gone to a dark place.

Unknown said...

I've known bars like that, John...