Wednesday, August 25, 2010

poem of the day 08.25.10

waiting in the rain

it is gray outside
so we sit in the
train station with everyone else

i try reading the paper
but i can’t stop looking
at all of the dull faces around me

the thick goon in the buffalo bills hat
his girlfriend wearing pajamas
instead of pants or shorts

the old couple reading bibles
sucking on coffee out of styrofoam cups

the woman with tight hair
reading the newspaper with a smirk

the bored clerk working behind the counter
changing the times on the trains

i don’t know what it is with me

i must be a defective

but there are days where i cannot stand
to look at the human race

i tap my wife on the shoulder

she is sitting there drinking a bottled water
nervous that we won’t get seats together on the train
that we’ll be forced into sitting next
to one of these cretins

(with my luck i know
i’ll get the bible thumping old woman
or the black lady who won’t quit singing
gospel songs)

i ask her if she wants to wait outside on the platform
even though it is starting to rain

she nods
we get up and make our way outside
where there are only a few other people waiting

i look down the train tracks
taking in the infinity down both ends

there is nothing and no one

it is nice

shit, my wife says


look what we started

she points back to the train station

it is something out of an exodus story
dozens of people out of their seats
coming out the station door to join us

all of those blank faced dregs
those lusterless zombies
heading for the soaking platform
hoisting suitcases and duffle bags
with sports team logos on them

eating breakfast sandwiches
that stink of rancid flesh and rotten eggs

there is nothing to be done
but to watch them lumber along
congregating as the dead congregate
when they become dust

all of us assholes waiting in the rain

for the 7:59 express to deliver us to hell
or new york city

whichever destination we arrive at first.


Pat Tillett said...

people living their "lives" by just going through the motions.

I wonder if we were ever "herd" animals at some point...

John Grochalski said...

Pat...we still are herd animals.