Tuesday, August 10, 2010

poem of the day 08.10.10

fair-weather fan

over the years
i have accumulated
many articles of clothing
from sports teams


other sundry items

some i’ve bought
but most were given to me
on my birthday
or at christmas

because if i told people
what i really wanted
they’d never speak to me again

i don’t mind these clothes

some i like

usually i wear them without
regard for team pride

but just because
i simply must dress myself
before stepping outside

other days

like today

new york yankees hat
new york yankees t-shirt

i feel like a walking billboard
for corporate pansies everywhere

i must tell the truth
if i woke up tomorrow
and each popular american sport
basketball and hockey

(especially basketball and hockey)

had disappeared

i probably wouldn’t care at all

my wardrobe
on the other hand
would take a significant hit

of course
i could always turn to clothing
with the images
of rock bands on them

but i suppose that look
has its own set of problems attached to it

and this poem
has wasted enough
of your precious time
on this particular one.


Unknown said...

I love the word 'sundry' ... you don't see it much these days anymore...

John Grochalski said...

anthony...i use the word sundry as much as i can.

Craig said...

I love sports t shirts

John Grochalski said...

craig...i know you do. speaking of, have you ordered your 2010 Duke catalog, so that the world knows what to get you for your birthday and x-mas?

justsomethoughts... said...

so what would you really want ?

i promise to speak to you again regardless of the response....

John Grochalski said...

justsomethoughts...it depends on whose offering the gift. usually i'd request to be left alone, but that's not an option some of the time.

Craig said...

Catalog comes out next month... I keep you updated