Wednesday, August 18, 2010

poem of the day 08.18.10

but really it’s just like
anywhere else

b.j. slides down a stool
says, stop me if i’m telling you
something that you already know

but last night benny’s sister
and his nephew had to come down here
and drag benny out of the bar

he went nuts
he was ripping down pictures
tossing chairs all over the place

why? i asked

you don’t know?

b.j. leans in
mona’s been fucking around on him

big time
with all of this friends

you know dave the janitor?

yeah, i say

mona’s been fucking him
behind benny’s back
for a long time.

pete the ups guy?

him too? i say

saturday night
mona got drunk in here with pete
then she took him home
and fucked him


it gets worse, b.j. says
mona comes back to the bar
after fucking pete
and two hours later
she’s around the corner
in this big, sweaty mishmash with dave

really? i say

benny staggered out of the bar
and caught them
he beat the shit out of mona

b.j. takes a pull on his beer
draining it

benny spent two nights in jail
i guess he’d been in denial for a few days
drunk all of the time
just a shell of a guy

i’ll bet

doesn’t help that mona’s
been coming around here with dave
rubbing it in benny’s face

b.j. finishes his shot

last night benny just snapped, he says

sounds like it

b.j. nods
slides back over to his stool
checks his phone
as the bartender puts down another draft
and a shot of jim beam

b.j. looks back at me and my wife

this place, he says
it’s just so fucked up
somebody really oughta
write a book about it.


Pat Tillett said...

I can totally relate to this poem. Not only have I spent a hefty portion of my life in seedy bars, my mom was a bar maid in them for most of her life. Then later, my girlfriend became a bartender...
so many stories...
If you have the time, here's a link to an entry on my blog that relates to your poem.

John Grochalski said...

Pat...great link. I'm going to put your blog on my bloglist here at Winedrunk! Holy Christ, these bars can get to people. I've been in bars where i was related to nearly every person.

Pat Tillett said...

thanks so much!
I'm glad you enjoyed it. Also, thanks for adding me to your list.
I appreciate it

Unknown said...

Great stuff, as always...

Anonymous said... know , my name is mona, and in some slutty way, i can live this poem vicariously.

i wonder if i will wander back your way on 9/27/10. my birthday. what will that poem be like.

keep up the good work.

p.s. it is really ramona. and i love that the word verication is cycle. it kind of makes me want to ride my bike in the moonlight right now.

John Grochalski said... always, thank you.

Ramona....if i can make someone feel slutty then i feel as though i've done my job as an american.