Thursday, August 12, 2010

poem of the day 08.12.10

leaner more efficient
organization people

we are
one man
one woman
sitting on this couch in the blaze
of august
drunk on wine
laughing our asses off

having been told
in this economy
that we were keeping our jobs
then being told three weeks later
that we might now lose them

it makes you dizzy
this malfeasance

makes you want to hold those chips
instead of betting on humanity
on a species hell bent
on murdering its own soul

but it’s good for the soul too
it’s good for humor

it makes you fuck
knowing that there is nothing
left to lose

within this constant, humid darkness
there does shine a cool light

to realize safety nets
are for the foolish and the lucky

to understand how
the string pullers really are
hiding behind hyperbole
and the checkbooks of the rich

to suddenly realize
that you do not have to be
leaner, more efficient organization people

one man
one woman
drunk on wine
laughing your asses off

as summer trees
get caught up in autumn breezes

and back to school ads plaster
the sunday newspapers
keeping the new mice well dressed

cute and clueless

as the cheese rots
getting further and further
away from everyone.


bandit said...

I've seen the future, and it ain't pretty; this week, a taste of Obamacare yet to come.

I enjoyed the seasonal references.
You god-dang right 'bout no safety nets; I've been living every day like a walking dead man for a few years now. Actually, it's quite amusing, faced with one's own relative impotence.

Watching some folks panic and squall in the face of "disaster":
well, not much you can do, maybe offer a condolence, or lift a glass
and have a good laugh at ourselves.

justsomethoughts... said...

very good

i have no idea what or who i clicked on, but glad i did

very impressive

John Grochalski said...

bandit...i was told i had a job after months being told i was being laid off. had three weeks without the worry, only to be told on monday that i could be laid off again.

bandit said...

Yeah, bro, I caught that. Familiar...
Scared to bejesus, I was ineffectual for awhile. Letting go my death-grip attempts to control the universe seemed to ease things up some. A discipline of continued writing seems to help.
I "read" ya, man.