Monday, August 9, 2010

poem of the day 08.09.10

chocolate doughnuts

the girls from
human resources
are eating chocolate doughnuts
from a box on the table
they are playing on their cell phones
they are laughing
feeling giddy
the one is trying to get the other
to take half of her doughnut
it’s too much
even though i love chocolate doughnuts
she says
shoving half the doughnut in the other’s face
the other half down her mouth
they laugh and giggle again
chew on their doughnuts
the room is white
chairs are lined up in rows
they have coffee in here
to go with the doughnuts
if you have a doughnut
but no one had offered anyone
no one is hungry but the girls
from human resources
other people come in with grins
they are from human resources too
they pour themselves a cup of coffee
then turn to look at those of us
someone calls out a name
someone gets up
a mexican janitor
the person from human resources
drops her smile and gets a gloomy look on her puss
she’s holding a brown envelope
she shakes the janitor’s hand
and begins to lead him off toward god knows where
but before they go she tells the other girls
from human resources
that she’ll be back for
a chocolate doughnut
just as soon as she’s done with this


Unknown said...

I love your slices o life... I get the feeling that they're ALL TRUE, John...

John Grochalski said...

anthony...sadly. wasn't going to post this one, but circumstances have changed.