Thursday, August 19, 2010

poem of the day 08.19.10

mr. mensa

hey you got
computer classes here?
because, see, i need someone
to teach me the basics, you know
not like microsoft word or excel
but, like, hey, how do you
even turn this thing on?
ha ha ha
but i’m not dumb, or nothing
what i learned much later in life
is that i’m what they call
learning deficient
see i went through school
and the teachers just labeled me
as an underachiever
because we didn’t have all of those tests
back then
for things like attention deficit disorder
they just thought you were slow
or that you didn’t want to learn
i got tossed into a lot of shop classes this way
but like i said, i just got fed up as an adult
so i went to the doctor and he tested me
that’s how i found out i got
learning problems
but what else i found out is that
i have a high i.q., right?
like it’s up there with the people in mensa
i’m thinking i could maybe come here
take a couple free computer classes
that you guys offer
learn how to turn the computer on
learn how to use one of them mouses
or whatever you call them
then i could go back out there and get me
a pretty decent job
like maybe in an office or a lab or somewhere
sounds like a good plan, right?

say, when do those fall
computer classes start anyway?


Pat Tillett said...

Or maybe the spring classes...
I'm glad they couldn't label me back then...

bandit said...


Crying in my beer.