Wednesday, March 12, 2014

poem of the day 03.12.14


the two bodybuilders
are on the afternoon train

watching a mexican girl
twirl her hair in the drooping sunlight

and while i can’t fault them for that
guys like these get my back up

maybe it’s the plastic machismo
of these jerk-offs dressed in cut military khakis
flexing their muscles so the other can feel them

talking about their reps and sets
punctuating every sentence with the words
dude and fuck

staking claim on a woman
they’ve yet to talk to

christ, it’s the 21st century
you’d think there’d be some way
to eradicate guys like these

make more mexican girls playing with their hair
in the soft winter sunlight

an APP or some kind of malware
some other technical doodad to syphon them out

the few remaining geniuses in america
should come up with something like that

for these muscle heads and every other asshole

get real sci-fi

do so and i’ll ride the tide
of your technological bandwagon all the way

at least until i’ve run out of bandwidth again.


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