Thursday, March 20, 2014

poem of the day 03.20.14

ready to take on the world

he says look at them

so i do

three homeless gathered around a computer
two men and one women

they haul junk in the neighborhood for money

he says
i just don’t understand people like that
how can they spend all day every day in their own filth?

the homeless are taking turns on facebook
looking at pictures of their families

he says
why don’t they find somewhere to take a shower
a good shower would do wonders for them

the homeless woman is looking
at a picture of a girl blowing out candles

she says
isn’t she adorable?

she is i think

then he says
they make the air in here acrid

which is true
but it’s no worse than following him
into the bathroom

he says
yeah, a good shower would fix those three
hose them down against a wall and toss them some soap

i know a good shower makes me feel alive
it gets me ready to take on the world
he says

now don’t you agree?                                                   

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