Tuesday, March 18, 2014

poem of the day 03.18.14

tourist towns can be a drag

especially when you learn that a record store
that you love is closed down
and you don’t even have time to give a eulogy
outside its soaped up and boxed up windows
because there’s a parade of tourists invading bleecker street
who all think that they’ve seen someone famous
is that such and such? you hear them say
who all want to pose in front of famous new york restaurants
holding new york city slices of pizza or new york sized bagels
while you’re standing there in front of the dead record store
wondering what in the fuck happened to it
telling yourself that you’re not going to buy
these albums on itunes out of solidarity and spite
in fact, the neighborhood looks really different now
you’ve only been living in this city for ten years
but even you can recognize the change
it’s all chain restaurants and specialty shops
places for the tourists to buy authentic new york this and that
to take back to middle america or middle earth
or whatever podunk town these invading, multiplying cretins came from
and you hate these fuckers so much
you start talking out loud like a madman
shouting about how much you’d like to send these people
back to their america in one of the knock-off gucci bags they bought
they look at you like you’re all part of the experience
so you settle for your own slice of pizza instead
inside a pizza shop that you didn’t know was famous
because it’s always been around
but it must be famous
because such and such ate there and has his picture on the wall
right there underneath a horde of teenagers from ohio
in matching coats and hats
singing this insipid pop song at the top of their lungs
the one that will be stuck in your head  for the rest of the day
these clueless millennial, verruca salt pricks who killed your record store
with their cell phones and digital downloads
because they have to have it NOW
the ones who invaded your city
on what was supposed to be a peaceful winter sunday afternoon
these aliens who won’t’ stop singing and taking pictures
laughing out loud and shouting
about what a bunch of dumb tourists they are.


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