Thursday, March 13, 2014

poem of the day 03.13.14

technological advancements

my mother calls
she tells me that she got an iphone

your father wants me
to take a class on how to use it, she says

we’ve reached the pinnacle of the outrageous
here in the land of the free

the home of the brave

there is no cure for cancer
there is no cure for AIDS

and millions are starving on the street
to a rich government melody
of who gives a fuck?

but there are classes on using the telephone now

it’s so neat, my mom says to me
and i’ll bet it is

otherwise everyone wouldn’t have their heads
buried in the things

instead of watching where they’re walking on the street

when you call me your picture comes up
with its own theme music

this makes sense, i think
to be frozen into a pose on a phone
like a stock character in a bad sitcom

the drunken luddite son
eschewing all technological advances

the grump the crank
smiling it all away

in a world that has become
such a fucking joke.

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