Friday, March 21, 2014

poem of the day 03.21.14

the sun causes cancer

the sun causes cancer
but the idiots outside keep smiling into it

only the polar bears have not yet learned to swim

the sun causes cancer
the flood waters keep rising

but that bitch on 4th avenue
won’t get off of her phone

she’s standing the middle of the sidewalk
letting the sun beat on her head
as she squawks about nothing

she doesn’t care that sun causes cancer
that the flowers are blooming too early

she is erosion
she is the essence of mankind
as droughts suck at the coughing dirt

one half of this world is an incurable allergen
the other half always gets it wrong

yet the people eat lunch outside in the parks

they cook themselves in scented oils
letting the sun give them cancer

someone needs to contact the president about this

have him call the u.n.
tell everyone to go back inside
pull down the shades and lock their doors

tell everyone to stop huffing ozone
get with the program

but politicians practice the religion of denial

and the sun causes cancer
as our ecology and determination seem to wane
and the dream fades from crystal to black.                                             

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