Saturday, March 8, 2014

Special poemS of the day 03.08.14

today one of my oldest and dearest friends (and a great poet/editor to boot) Kristofer Collins is turning the unfathomable age of 40.  I've known Kris since i was a wee lad of 16 years old (maybe 17 but i'm getting up there today).  So to celebrate i'm taking a backseat here on WineDrunk SideWalk today and am presenting to you all a few poems by the great Kristofer Collins (without his permission of course):

Weird Kid Wondering Which Way Home

All day walking these old
Cold streets
Honey where am I going

Do  you think we could find
A single sweet nothing line
To fill the empty spaces inside

Could a simple rose given by your lover
Ever hope to cover the deep black places
We've no intention of mentioning to each other

Honey where am I going

The air is stained & the streets
Won't talk to me
I stare at the ground while I walk
& sometimes I think the way I feel is right

But honey
Everything I see tells me I'm wrong

Honey where am I going

The Poem in Which Pittsburgh & I Talk about
Ally Malinenko

Twenty degrees and the sun
Stops by

I have piles of paper
Covering the table

A roach sniffing my shoe

& I'm waiting for a good song
To come on the radio

I will be waiting a long time

Drinking the first of many coffees
I"m thinking about Ally Malinenko

A fine poet

Pittsburgh, you are poorer
For her having left

We lose so much in this town

Cannot keep them
Who make you worthy

Pittsburgh you put poison in the blood
It pulses to the tongue

You push everyone away


We're stuck together you & I
'Til we're both gone from maps

& that is the one true thing
I put in all my poems

My old love

Today let's think of Ally
How we miss her


Buffalo, please keep her safe

Poem for Anna

It iss 11:40am, Saturday & sweet puffs,

Of dust, risible on car vapors

Splash dryly, explode
In the beaks of birds

Are scraps we've torn

Out, telephones are ringing
All up & down Craig Street

The ghost of last night's beer
Goes with me

Up museum steps
The paste white cloud,

Blue Crepe de chine

If you dig what you've just read Kristofer books are available HERE

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