Friday, March 14, 2014

poem of the day 03.14.14

gun #1

bobby craven was an idiot

he wasn’t the neighborhood idiot
…but he was close

craven liked to talk about guns
he said his old man had a whole basement full of guns
but none of us believed him

steven flushing called bobby an idiot
and then went back to killing his tadpoles with old nails
and building a fortress out of thorn bushes

while the rest of us kids stood there
with our thumbs up our asses

maybe we were all neighborhood idiots

but craven still rose closer to the top
he insisted his old man had semi-automatics and a colt .45
he had a classic springfield model from the civil war

you’re full of shit, craven. i told him
because i wanted to get steve flushing going again

something to take his mind off of killing amphibians
and making that thorn bush that he promised
to throw us all into when it was finished

i was new in the neighborhood
and i wanted to be more than just another fool
who stood around waiting on pain

i’ll show you, craven said
i’ll bring them all down here

my ass, steve said
and we all laughed
keeping one eye on that thorn bush
that was slowly taking shape

steve said, bobby the only thing your old man has
is a beer belly and his unemployment checks

when craven left nobody thought about it or him

we were glad that he was gone
we were glad that steve had stopped building
his thorn bush dungeon to go inside for dinner

the rest of us geniuses took our thumbs
out of our asses and went home too

i wasn’t home but ten minutes before someone
was outside calling my name

into the summer evening air

when i went to the door
sure as shit there was bobby craven
standing at the top of my driveway
tear streaked eyes and with a rifle in his hands

he looked like he was going hunting
so i ducked


i thought that i was going to piss myself
i felt so sick

a thorn bush dungeon seemed like a blessing
compared to that gun

i waited until the sound of my name faded away

when i rose craven was gone
he’d either stalked off to steve’s or went home

i couldn’t breath
so i went outside for air

and watched one bird
attack another bird for a morsel

a little something he could call his own.

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