Friday, October 3, 2014

poem of the day 10.03.14

getting poems rejected
by a writer you don’t respect

there’s really nothing to do
but stare at the email that says

thanks….but i think i’ll pass

after all, this is your fault
you sent the poems to him
against your better judgment

you remember back two weeks ago
to when the submission was just hanging there
as you finished a last coffee

you checked your watch and still had minutes to kill
before you had to get ready for work

i believe your exact words were
ah, fuck it, mine aren’t any worse than his

then you attached a batch to him
with a little note saying:

hope this batch does something for you

because you wanted one more shot
at having your name in lights

and now here they are back in your possession
like you thought they’d be

this isn’t the first time he’s rejected you

the first
thanks….but i think i’ll pass

you remember the one time he solicited from you
and he still rejected your poems

it would almost be laughable

if you weren’t right in the middle
of what is shaping up to be
two bad writing weeks in a bad writing month
in an overall bad year

maybe the worst year you’ve experienced on this planet

you didn’t need this dickhead’s rejection
but there you have it

and to make matters worse
here you are committing the cardinal sin
of writing a poem about being a fucking poet


you go on his web site and read his bad poems
just to fuel your anger

they all look the same
they all sound the same

three words to a line
that snake along like a river of shit
for a page or two

until they die like common houseflies

with the comments from a bunch of sycophants
egging this literary abomination on

you think the whole world
must be crazy

then you load up a new page on the machine
to type your next immortal dung heap

take a sip on the scalding coffee

thinking that you’ll wait at least six months or so
before you try that asshole again.


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