Thursday, October 9, 2014

poem of the day 10.09.14

another dog barking
at five in the morning poem

i’m up
i’m sure they’re up over there
half the neighborhood is probably awake
especially after
the amount of invective i spat out
into the black morning

i should probably go on over
introduce myself
try not to strangle them
or the dog
maybe bring them a copy of the novel
a book of poems or two
show them what i’ve been up to each morning
while their beast barks
into the waking dawn

i’ll even sign a copy
people like having signed shit
even from nobodies such as myself

maybe if i let them see
that there’s flesh and blood in this neighborhood
they’ll try and keep the mutt quiet
at least until
the joe and joanne workers of the world
start hoofing it up the street

of course
what about those folks coming home from night jobs
the ones who have to contend
with their dog
and the unforgiving sun
it would be unfair to exclude them
after all
we’re all in this together
and if one working man can’t help out
another working man
then what good is a civil society?

i doubt they’d even care
if i came over
i mean here it is five o’clock in the morning
and that goddamned dog
is going crazy again

they’d probably call the cops on me
they look the type

and the cops never understand
the plight of the working man
it’ll be all on me if they show up
i’ll probably get cited for disturbing the peace
it would be a cold irony
to get frogmarched back over to the apartment
when i was only trying
to do the general public a favor

fuck it

i’m just going to sit here and hope that animal
howls himself into cardiac arrest
let some other neighbor take care of it
get back to writing
another horseshit poem
more prose that only a dozen people will read
bite my nails
see what’s going on in the world
of internet porn
close the window
turn on a fan
blast the radio


on the true meaning
of what it means to be
man’s best friend.


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