Wednesday, October 29, 2014

poem of the day 10.29.14

homophobe in the night

with the bar scene
with the clubs
and the women who never
talk to you
unless they’re
asking you to buy them drinks
you and calvin
and steve
racing down liberty avenue
toward the
all-night porn shop
hoping to select something
to give yourself
your own happy ending
when you get
home alone
and there she is
by an alleyway
six foot tall
gold mini-skirt
hiked up to her crotch
thick thighs
a mound of unruly hair
black as the goddamned night
and when she says
any of you looking for a good time?
the three of you stop
consider her for a moment
see that she
has an adam’s apple
but, still, it’s been so long since i…
before you say no
as calvin and steve
continue running
and you
slink off toward the porn shop
with a little less
in your step.

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