Thursday, October 30, 2014

poem of the day 10.30.14

they got their man

caught him
lying to the FBI

up to eight years on two counts

just a dumb kid in the wrong place
at the wrong time

a twenty year old high on weed

as his friends hauled out the computers and firework tubes
of the two clowns who blew them all away down in boston

he could’ve helped the feds out, they said

played ball
cried uncle
when they stormed his dorm room

except he lied to some of the biggest liars in the nation

concealed when he could’ve assisted
committed the cardinal sin of having no grace under pressure

but now he’s giving them so much more

that mendacious little prick
with the a foreign sounding name

who picked the wrong kind of friends
who got high at the worst of times

eight years of his life on two counts

another scapegoat
in a long line of scapegoats

locked away so that the rest of us
shining examples of sincerity

can continue to sleep
comfortably at night.


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