Wednesday, October 8, 2014

poem of the day 10.08.14

in response to car horns
and hammering before 8 a.m.

the industrious

so loud and self-important
on a weekday morning

forever advancing

progress for progress sake
where it counts

in response to car horns
and hammering before 8 a.m.

i refuse to work another
eight-hour shift

or to shower
or to pay taxes

support the arts
or my local congressman

i won’t vote
or eat red meat for a year

i’ll lie in bed
and think bad thoughts about you

i won’t have fun on saturday afternoons

i’ll stop masturbating
to your celebrity women
and teenage girls

i plan on cancelling my cable
if this doesn’t stop

i won’t watch this year’s football season
or give two shits
who wins the world series

i might kick
a dog or a small child

i won’t give up my seat on the bus
for your elderly and the infirm

or buy girl scout cookies

i’ll cancel christmas the year
and tell people that jesus
wasn’t born in texas
but the ebola virus was

oh you america!

the industrious
the diligent
the hard-working

the busy
the assiduous

the tireless demigod

the world’s aging hipster

just stop
the goddamned hammering
and lay off the car horns
before a man is ready to face you yet again

would ya?


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