Monday, October 20, 2014

poem of the day 10.20.14

walking around naked

the young movie starlet is online
she told a reporter how great it is
to own her own home

how wonderful it is to walk around naked

it’s liberating, she said

maybe it is for her
she’s twenty-two but she looks fifteen
with her black hair and almond eyes
her perky tits and tight latin ass

the paparazzi are always trying to get
pictures of her naked

they follow her to clubs and to the beach
hoping for a nipple slip or something good between her legs

this morning i’m thinking about her
but not in a sexual way

i’m just out of the shower
naked, pale and bloated as always

i can’t find my watch or my goddamned glasses
i’m practically blind and i don’t know what time it is

stumbling around this place
with my fat belly and man boobs
my chicken legs and ball sack to my knees

my hair soaked and mussed like a madman
unshaved with red blotches on my face from hard water

every blind and window here opened
showing flaccid cock
and pimpled white ass
to the masses scrambling to work in the rain

forty years old and i look like death
like i should be on a coroner’s slab

walking around as naked as a jaybird
like that little starlet in hollywood is doing right now

only i don’t feel so damned liberated

but thankfully
no one is across the street hiding in their car
or in the bushes or stalking outside my window

trying to get a picture
of this impossible mess.


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