Thursday, October 16, 2014

poem of the day 10.16.14

her shitty red car

she had taken to creating drama
between the two of us

she hardly came by to see me
when she did it was for a minute or two
just to make sure that i was alive

where she left me drinking beer on my bed

she looked me over to assess the damage
that she was doing

and like god she saw that her work was good

it was hard to think that only weeks before
we had been holding hands and fucking like bunnies

but now i stormed out of her shitty red car
more than i cared to count

frustrated, defeated, and done with all women
i always tried to get it so that we were closer
to my apartment before i stormed out of her ride

a few times i had to go the distance
because i just couldn’t take her anymore

she’d always show up the next day
to see if i was still breathing

finally we had it out in a church parking lot
where i’d sometimes go with a bottle of beer and sit

she said she cared for me but there was someone else

i wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction
of getting nuts over it

hell, i wasn’t even going to storm out of her car
because that was his job now

i sat in her shitty red car saying nothing

i fiddled with her radio and laughed
until she told me that it was time for me to leave

it pissed her off that i was so placid

when i didn’t go as fast as she demanded
she started shouting and honking her horn

a priest came out of the rectory to see what was going on

i got out of her car with my hands up
and like god he too saw that it was all good

i started walking back toward my apartment

but not before she and her shitty red car
burned by honking her horn and smirking at me

giving me that universal symbol
of peace and courtesy

that one finger to rule them all.


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