Wednesday, May 3, 2017


anarchist roses

the little anarchist kids
have taken a field trip to the art museum
they are all dressed in black
black t-shirts and dresses
black lipstick and black baseball hats
they are all carrying roses
anarchist roses
they are putting a single rose in front
of each art work
both the shitty art and the stuff that’s not too bad
anarchists do not discriminate
they are pissing off the guards
it’s monday and the guards probably thought
that they were getting a break from the bullshit
but that’s how anarchists work
they create bullshit out of thin air
or they dress in black and buy roses
and occasionally one shouts FUCK TRUMP!
the guards are all on their walkie-talkies
asking each other is there are roses on their floors too
the guards are telling the anarchists
to pick up the roses
but the kids refuse
they just smile and walk around putting roses
in front of all the art work
the guards won’t pick up the roses
one guard looked at a rose as if it were a bomb
he kicked at it just to make sure it wouldn’t ignite
the anarchist kids got a good laugh at that one
then they put more roses down
at least they weren’t taking pictures of the art
and then just walking away
like most of the people here today are doing
the anarchists are making a statement
about what i have no idea
or maybe it’s a criticism against museums
and art as commodity
all i know is that my feet hurt and i have to piss
and i want to shout FUCK TRUMP too
but i wonder if the museum
will have to call in the police or the bomb squad
to come and pick up the roses
how much these stunt will cost the taxpayer in the end
i wonder if i’m getting too old
to really appreciate anarchy
or if the anarchist kids
will remember this day as one of triumph
one in which they really got the man
not today
but years from now
when they’re sitting at some desk
working some fucking job
where the day always crawls to five o’clock
and sleep feels like a brief reprieve
and you can’t wear black lipstick
or lip rings or shave one side of your head
and on some weeks buying a dozen roses
means you can’t afford the art museum either
or it means the difference between paying your rent
or drinking top shelf
or heading for the rot gut aisle
yet again.

--John Grochalski


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