Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Poison Park

I can’t see the hill from here. This isn’t the place I remember
calling my home. But maybe I was just delusional before this.
It feels to me now that the world is half-mad half of the time
and more than half-mad the rest of the time. Cruel and selfish
people who opt to look the other way when it’s convenient for
them to do so are allowing some to take advantage, making it
harder on those who are struggling, adding strife to their lives.
And I'm doubtful I can convince him that life is not just some
kind of a business transaction. Or that it’s too small of a planet
for that kind of talk. That it could very easily get us all killed.

My friend Meghan says she doesn’t believe in God, but that
she puts her faith in people, and so when something like this
happens, it makes her question her faith. People are so awful.
Maybe Jimmy was right when he said that the world is ending.
Someone burnt out the old cork. Perhaps humanity has jumped
the shark. Our dignity slowly sliding away. It’s so painful see it.
I want to believe I can make a difference, but I’m discouraged.
I got nothing. At night, I try to sleep and all I that hear is a noise
that sounds like some music from the other side of the moon.
The last time was the last time. The dogs, they go with me

--Scott Silsbe

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