Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Snake Eyes in Trumplandia

Cabinet appointees with snake eyes,
hard as buckshot, focused for public
burnings, character assassinations,
lynching without trials or juries.

Human rights are now as quaint as the ones
former Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez
insisted were, when he spoke of Geneva Convention

Enhanced interrogation like alternative
facts are the policy of former democracies
in a country once known as The United
States of America, one country divided,
and dedicated to the proposition
that all men are equal as long as they
are white and have a net worth in the millions

All others need not apply

Snake eyes like third ones on the backs
of dollar bills, unblinking, always
watching, spies like the men and women
of unreason appointed to oversee
organs of government they know nothing
about insuring chaos, privatization of public
works all in the name of progress and profit,
silencing dissent, voices of reason;
once the snakes have escaped their pits there
is no reigning them in.

--Alan Catlin 

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