Monday, May 22, 2017


i followed a trump supporter

not like on facebook or twitter
but for real…on the street
i didn’t mean to but he came walking out of his house
right in front of me
i was on my way to work
and was in no way lurking around the neighborhood
just waiting for one of his inbred minions
or some teenagers to sell me pot
i knew he was a trump supporter
because i pass the house nearly every morning
and i pretty much have every house
that had a trump sign on its lawn memorized
not for any grand devious plan on my part
my mind just works like that
but i always believed that it was best to know my enemies
really, it wasn’t my fault that we were walking the same way
and that he was walking fast
well…not too fast but too fast for me to pass him
and i couldn’t cross the street because there’s that dog on the other side
who lunges at me like he wants to take a piece out of my ass
that dog could probably smell a pinko a mile away
if dogs could vote…that one would’ve voted for trump
but this trump supporter
this walking paper patriot
he looked the way i thought a real live trump supporter would look
he had his head shaved
with a lot of tattoos of eagles and flags on his arms
camouflage t-shirt and combat boots
g.i. joe with a million dollar home in brooklyn
he probably eats the american flag for lunch
and i didn’t mean to follow him to his car
it was simply parked along my route
and i put it down here…only for posterity, of course
that he drives a cherry red honda pilot
with a these colors don’t run bumper sticker
the license plate is from new york
but i didn’t get the numbers because, quite frankly,
my ipod died on me again
and by the time i was done cursing it and the ghost of steven jobs
and looked up again he was already gone
not that i wanted his license plate number mind you
for anything untoward
…an innocent guy like me wouldn’t even know
what to do with information like that.   

--John Grochalski                          

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