Saturday, May 27, 2017

WineDrunk SideWalk: Shipwrecked in Trumpland week EIGHTEEN weekly wrap up

DOUCHE MOTHERFUCKER is officially an idiot abroad and I don’t know about you, but the air feels fresher with him gone, the food tastier, the grass greener…the sky a blue I’ve never seen before. Let’s enjoy this while we have it.

But that’s right…DOUCHE and his trophy wife, trophy daughter and Russian-election colluding son-in-law landed in Saudi Arabia to fanfare and gold medals, and the kind of fun that only a repressive SUNNI government can lavish. Contrary to DOUCHE’s complaints about Michelle Obama not wearing a headscarf, Trophy Wife and Trophy Daughter too did not wear the customary female headgear…but hypocrisy being DOUCHE’s forte no one was surprised. No one should also have been surprised about the big payoff for the war machines.  That’s right, the jetlag not even dusted away on his platinum blonde wig, DOUCHE and the Saudis signed a $110 billion dollars arms deal…that oughta keep the war machine moving along until we find the next nation to invade! Apparently there was a lavish party and dancing and Rexy got to hold a sword, and even Toby “courtesy of the red,white and blue” Keith performed for a, of course, male only audience….sounds like they had some fun….DOUCHE even gave a big boy speech. Curious what all the inbred nazis who attend his rallies think about all of that DOUCHE lovin goin' on in the Middle East

On Sunday a large group of Notre Dame students walked out on their graduation commencement speech given by none other than HUGELY popular ex-governor and president-in-waiting (god help us all) Mike Pence. That’s right many students felt it would be better to leave the ceremony rather than stay and listen to Pence’s hollow speech about duty and love, and listen to him bitch about safe spaces and trigger warnings and whether or not he was seated next to a single woman who might mesmerize him with her unclaimed vagina….i mean who wouldn’t want to sit through a speech like that? Afterwards Pence admitted to being disappointed that he didn’t get the kind of response that Betsy DeVos got at Bethune-Cookman University, and that too cook up those old feelings he was thinking about hitting Broadway again for another showing of Hamilton. 

To nobody’s surprise (at least not mine) Michael Flynn plead the good ol’ 5th on Tuesday instead of turning over emails and other assorted papers on the investigation into the DOUCHE MOTHERFUCKER’s campaign colluding with the Russian’s during the now infamous 2016 presidential election. According to the House Oversight Committee, Flynn mislead investigators about his income with Russian companies and his contacts with official….pleading the 5th could put Flynn in contempt of Congress, provided we didn’t have a congress run by domestic terrorists…so pretty much Flynn can just take his ball and go home.

For those of you who thought DOUCHE MOTHERFUCKER’s nefarious and downright EVIL budget would be the biggest horror to contend with on Tuesday….THIS happened. What is there to say when you and your kids can’t even attend a concert by some shitty popstar? What can I really write about this living in a country that in December of 2012 some nutter shot and killed 20 kids between the ages of six and seven, and the GOP led house and senate basically shrugged? I will say this…something like this happening here in America under the DOUCHE MOTHERFUCKER regime is one of the biggest fears that I have going. As a collective Americans are ignorant of the past, ill-bred, and vengeful….should this happen here we’d all but trade whatever freedoms we had left to let plastic tough guys like DOUCHE talk their bullshit…that said…if you’re a prayer person….we’ve seen this so much in this world…you know the deal…and let’s hope DOUCHE MOTHERFUCKER is long gone should this ever happen here…again.

of course our own great orator DID add his two cents

And it didn't even take a day for ISIS to claim responsibility and for a 23 year old man to be arrested
in connection. As a facebook friends of mine, Kelly Stradeja stated,  The Manchester killer didn't just target the young, he targeted young girls. It's important to have a conversation about terror and how men are being recruited but it is equally important to talk about the role that misogyny plays in the minds of the overwhelmingly male attackers. Look at their histories. Look at how the majority of them have domestic violence in their pasts. It is important to not bury the targeting of women and girls as just a random terror attack. It was not random. He picked this specific concert on purpose.”

This is something to think long and hard about as ISIS and DOUCHE throw back 3 grade
insults at each other. For more food for thought here's an article from the GUARDIAN.

And what about DOUCHE’s 2018 budget….well, I’ve sure never seen anything like it. Among the highlights:  gutting Medicaid by over $800 billion over the next 10 years cutting benefits for nearly 10 million people; $193 billion in cuts to food stamps; an increase in military spending by 10% added to an already inflated budget; $2.6 billion for border security with some of that money going to DOUCHE’s bullshit wall; $272 billion overall for welfare programs; $72 billion in cuts to disability benefits; an elimination to student loan programs for the poor…and that’s just the shit I can get my hands on as I write this…of course it is predicted that this budget is DOA…but the sheer and evil audacity of its very existence is startling in and of itself….although having a mentally unstable racist, sexist, philistine in the WH…again, no one should be surprised....the GOP...saving money for
the rich and for war at the expense of you and me

On Wednesday DOUCHE MOTHERFUCKER met Pope Francis at the Vatican.  One is a man of peace, the other is a plastic tough guy. One runs a fantasy organization based on an Imaginary character, and the other lives in his own fantasyland and most people WISH he was an imaginary character…also, back during the campaign days DOUCHE MOTHERFUCKER insulted the pope…so this oughta be a fun and exciting meeting. Maybe they should just watch a movie. You know, I was at the Vatican once…for a bunch of uptight patriarchs they have a lot of nice art...and that's
all I have to say about the place.

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