Friday, May 19, 2017



I am a friend of nobody
I have the gun in my hand
I kill kings and presidents first
next all capitalists

this distress comes from no failure of substance
a great number toil with little return
rich people make them suffer
as they do stomach pain to me

I believe in the land, the sky, the moon
nature offers bounty
humans multiply it
plenty is at our door
but generous use languishes
because the rulers of exchange
have failed through stubborn incompetence
                  through unscrupulous practice
it’s the money changers that should
stand to be indicted in the court of public opinion

Now they claim to flee their high seats
stripped of the lure of profit
they only know the rules of a generation of self-seekers.

We should hope to restore our temple to ancient truths
that restoration founded
on social value
more noble than profit
and happiness not in money
but in achievement

So, give me the electric chair
I’m not afraid of that chair
you son of a bitch
you’re one of the capitalists
you’re a crook too
put me in the electric chair
I don’t care
goodbye to poor people’s everywhere
push the button
go ahead
push the button

--Jason Baldinger 

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