Monday, April 9, 2018


the president likes to be spanked

the president likes to be spanked
and pissed on apparently
or he likes to watch hookers piss on mattresses
i can’t remember
it gets so confusing these days
and i can’t even reckon with my own sexual appetites
but i do know that a little ass play
can go a long way
maybe the president
should have his chief-of-staff
give him a sexy crack on his flabby bare ass
every time he talks about that border wall or fake news
have his national security advisor
pinch his nipples
whenever his baby-dick gets hard
over north korea or iraq
they should really get kinky in the white house
hookers with prosthetic cocks running around
at the ready with lube
the next time the government wants to shut down
a whole fleet of johns and whores
waiting in the lincoln bedroom
should duty call
trophy wife number three strutting around
in her high heels and little else
her green card shoved between her tits
or maybe the president’s daughter instead
with the way he goes on about her
you never know
incest could be best in the west wing
all i know is that they need a little something
all that pasty white, racist, xenophobic pent-up aggression
hasn’t been good for the country thus far
so give the president a smack on the ass, mr. speaker-of-the-house
give the commander-in-chief a dildo
put him in his bedroom
without his cell phone or a tv
tell him that he’s a good boy and that he’s doing all right
then let him
shove away
until a smile cracks upon his ugly face
and world peace is achieved
at last.               

--John Grochalski                                               

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