Monday, April 30, 2018


Trump and Literature

Has he ever read
Depressing Plath…or
The certainty of death
Expressed by Camus…

No…he flips his
Jowly face through
The pages of the National
Enquirer…or stares at the tits
In Penthouse…
He tries to comprehend the exotic
Letters—but he has trouble with
Words such as heal and heel….

Donald Trump,
You are an ass-clown
A blowhard who tried to create
An image of suave…but ended
Up being a laugh to those who
Possess a brain…
Literature and poetry never
Show up on your radar…
Except when Spicer read you
Those knock-knock jokes and
You took them as classics…

So, go…Donnie—back to
McDonalds and Kentucky
Fried Chicken…where all
The people love you and
They have the crayons
You can use to write your
Next pathetic lie…

--Dan Provost

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