Friday, April 27, 2018


plastic action men

plastic action men
run the world
little autocratic tough guys
playing games with time
don’t talk to me about china or the philippines
that little bitch in north korea
that monster in venezuela
in hungary they hunger
for four more years of it
they lick up the autocratic sludge
then spread their legs for an E.U. payday
in poland puny big shots
are pushing the illiberal democracy
song and dance
state owning the press
trying to take away women’s rights
as putin sits in moscow
taking a healthy stinking shit
farting out syrian chemical bombs
loved by the kids
king of the world
here in america
we got it bad
a racist game show host sits in the hot seat
illiterate rapist-in-thief with his fat grin
THE IDIOT extraordinaire
duping the heartland rubes
a jealous wannabe coastal elite
forced to suck down big macs instead of organic wine
finger fucking the constitution
making america great again
one tear at the fabric
at a time
tweeting out the hate
as kids kill kids in school
as cops fire on black people in the street
as white people wave flags like daggers
harassing their women with such glee
as the arab population ducks
that good ol’ american scapegoat jive
and the latin folks
are all getting themselves deported
back “home.”

--John Grochalski

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