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WineDrunk SideWalk : Shipwrecked in Trumpland week SIXTY THREE wrap up

Before we begin a brief note: the role of president* Donny John in this little tragi-comedy known as American, will no longer be called DOUCHE MOTHERFUCKER. Donny John will simply be referred to on this blog as THE IDIOT or president* or whatever way I can combine the color orange with having a small penis.

thank you.

So.....week SIXTY FUCKING THREE of this shit.  We start off the week with Easter....and April Fools Day....i don't know about you but there's something very coincidental about a day in which we fool and deceive people sharing space with a day that honors the rise from death of a savior by millions of people with a penchant for salted meats and eggs.

That said, THE IDIOT, spent Easter/April Fools watching fake news on FOX and then tweeting up a storm about the cancellation of the DACA deal. Nothing says spending the holiest of holy days by double down on being a racist, xenophobic prick....but Donny John wouldn't be Donny John without publicly reminded us folks in these here "United" of states that he's been one big April Fools joke.....the orange piece of shit actually commented on this outside of a CHURCH, blaming the Democrats and the Mexican government for "blowing it." I'd say I was surprised that the church didn't implode when Donny John and Trophy Wife #3 walked in, but then I'd have to, in part, subscribe to the cult mumbo-jumbo that IS Christianity.

that's right....I said Mumbo-Jumbo

I suppose that if I lived in a country not run by a racist-game-show host and lorded over by a domestic terrorist organization whose thirst for dark money has taken over any desire to have a functioning democracy, one would think you wouldn't let a man who couldn't SPELL tariff....impose them.....but that's exactly what's happening here in the good ol's US of A where chaos runs wild these days......Donny John gets to impose his tariffs and countries like China get to react back by imposing tariffs of their own and U.S. industry leaders get to bitch and complain and stocks drop, yet every single time you see Mitch McConnell or Paul Ryan their rubber chicken faces are grinning like runners-up in a beauty pageant

Makes you wish a REAL leader would show up....but never fear, folks, apparently President Putin is angling for a visit. Word on the street has it that when The IDIOT called to congratulate Putin on his bullshit-sham elections he also offered to have him swing by the White House for a summit...and why not? I mean Putin pretty much OWNS the place, so he should be allowed to stop by and check out the drapes. And what's a little spy poisoning and expelling of diplomats between blackmailers and blackmailies anyway? Perhaps a White House screening of golden showers is in the future.....i sure hope Trophy Wife #3 is out of town....hell, since you and I are paying for all of the IDIOTS golfing weekends in Florida, I say why not add a trip to Peru for Melania? She can climb Machu Pichu in heels while Vlad and Donny John watch urine films and dial up hookers.

and....hey....for those of you out there outraged by the Sinclair Broadcasting Group I say.....welcome to the party. Not for nothing but this asshole, alt-right, neo-nazi organization hasn't been secret about their propaganda for years....but I'll say it's kind of nice to have them out there and fully exposed. That said, FOX News has been out there and fully exposed since its founding, and its been the most-watched cable news network since 2002. so.......


Signs of life in what should already be a no-brainer?  Teachers in Kentucky in Oklahoma walked out this week demanding higher pay and more money spent on education....from a personal standpoint I think it's great that teachers, especially younger ones coming into the mix, are beginning to wake up and realize that public schools are not corporate cum-dumps meant to condition this nation's children into zombie-workers, but are actually institutions that are meant to teach and to culturally engage the next wave of citizens. Let's hope more teachers walk out. Let's hope this happens in more states...hell, let the kids start summer vacation now.....months playing shoot 'em up video games have to be much better than studying for some arbitrary test that won't mean shit years from now when they're skipping lunch to punch numbers and fielding texts from their asshole boss when they're home and trying to live their lives....and if terrorist organizations like the GOP want to put a positive spin on these out of school and doing nothing but playing shoot 'em up games could be the next generation of snipers or drone pilots.....just sayin.....America always needs people willing to kill and die for its hypocrisy.

For those of you who like fun facts I present THIS

But getting back to tariffs for a moment.....I'll be honest....I really don't understand this business.  Against the advice of people in his own party and business leaders country-wide, The IDIOT declares that there will be tariffs. Why?  Maybe he did it because he thinks the U.S. is being screwed over worldwide monetarily....Slum Lords tend to think this way, which is way your leaky faucets never get fixed.....Maybe the IDIOT is a smart  business man and is aware of something that NO financial consultant is aware of....or maybe simply mentioning tariffs at his Nazi rallies gets as much whoopin and a'hollerin' from Jethro and Ellie May as chanting "lock her up! lock her up! All the same the IDIOT says they'll be tariffs....but not for certain countries.....then the Chinese react by imposing tariffs on items such as pork and California wine(which i honestly can't believe they are paying for in the first place....sorry....Eurocentric wine Snob Alert....i kid....all the shit i drink comes out of plastic bottles)...THEN...the Times reports that maybe the IDIOT is backtracking on this whole "tariff" business and that maybe, just maybe, these tariffs won't take effect at all....WTF??

Or....THE IDIOT threatens to impose tariffs on 100 billion more in Chinese goods. All along people have been saying the THE IDIOT is looking for his very own Reichstag fire, and maybe these little trade wars that the president* has chosen to pick with the world, and especially China, is looking to be exactly that. In America we love nothing more than what's in our pocketbooks, and we fear nothing more than the loss of money......we let this IDIOT send the economy into a spiral and you may just have that final authoritarian push that Trump and at least 39% of this nation want.


....or maybe THE IDIOT could just have Michael D. Cohen pay out $130,000 to the Chinese for their troubles, since he's trying to fuck them too and deny any knowledge of it.

Hey.....if you need any more proof that you live in a reality tv show disguised as government, let me present Exhibit Z ....of course with a tax scam like that I'd throw away the goddamned script too.

Getting closer and closer to that Golden Shower video being released......

....And last minute THIS which I'll expand on next week, but Donald Trump and Homeland Security are a bunch of fucking Authoritarian creeps

Anyway that's it for my ass this week we get the repulsive, islamophobic John Bolton in as the new National Security Advisor to THE IDIOT and coming soon is the Senate confirmation of the repulsive, islamophobic Mike Pompeo...let's see how many Democrats stick their tails between their legs and vote that jackass in.

until at 10:30 we have Dan Provost and tomorrow at 10:30 we have M.J. Arcangelini

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