Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Throwing Bones

I close my eyes to window day
hear siren run the black

Power failed fallen torches
lead way to no where back

Hands in pocket, fingers worm
through lint and dust and dirt

Buy now, pay before, pay after
consuming corporate dearth

Have to add theft and bribes
and power slides to budget

When we complain of their greed
they tell us to suck it

Not all blood worms must be food,
there are other slants

You don't have to hurt the chicken
to make it dance

Steps go up, steps go down,
some are steep, some shallow

You can either worship things
or consider spirit hallowed

Heart within, or bling about,
which becomes your steeple?

Sometimes during life assembly
it is best to be two people

--Steven B. Smith

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