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WineDrunk SideWalk : Shipwrecked in TrumpLand week SIXTY FOUR wrap up

week SIXTY FOUR....where to begin???? FBI raids or Syrian chemical attacks.....I'd say I'm going to go for the obvious, but in this day and age they both seem pretty obvious.


On Monday morning the FBI raided the offices of THE IDIOT's lawyer and money handler for porn actresses, Michael D. Cohen, seizing business records and files and records of payments to two women who had sexual relations with THE IDIOT before he decided that the best way to bring the United States to its knees was by running for president. The raid was also in regards to that imfamous Access Hollywood tape in which THE IDIOT basically admits to know that tape....the one that made millions of Americans say, gee, I'd like that man to be my president. Of course THE IDIOT lashed out at the FBI because what can an embattled, moronic, wannabee autocrat DO but lash out at the other strands of government. Like everything else in THE IDIOT's life this "break-in" (even though the FBI had a long-standing warrant) was a witch hunt, and of course, the FBI's actions were disgraceful and "an attack on our country in a true sense."

Honestly I don't find this to be an attack on our country. 9/11 was an attack on our country. Adam Sandler films were an attack on our country. The whole Kardashian family IS an attack on our country.....63 million of you fucking idiots voting for Donald J. Trump to be president of the United THAT'S a YUUUUUGGGGEEE fucking attack on our country.

also...every time one of these women is brought up I have to put up with the image of Donald Trump having sex in my head...there's only so much vomit you can catch in your mouth per week folks.

THE IDIOT also tossed around the idea of firing Mueller, indicating that "many people" have told him to fire Mueller.  I love this....with THE IDIOT it's always "many people" or "people are saying" I guess considering many of his voters are inbred swine with a penchant for mob-mentality and authoritarianism, THE IDIOT needs to indicate that "many people" are up on this conversation.

As long as Mitch McConnell, that divisive party over country swine thinks Mueller is okay.... me a coastal elite....if it means I'd rather live free than under tyranny, show me the way to the next wine bar and vegan restaurant then...... do you solve a problem like Syria?  If THE IDIOT had his way he'd pull all of his resources out of the place and hand the whole ball of wax over to his daddy, Putin, but even in these embattled times, the United State cannot overlook a chemical attack that killed dozens of Monday, in the middle of his rant against the FBI and Robert Muller....THE IDIOT mentioned something about a quick response to the chemical attack against the Syrian government and Russian and Iran. "Everybody is going to pay a price," our baby-dicked, man-child president* said on Monday. I'm not sure what price will be paid and on what scale. THE IDIOT is already looking for a war with Iran, but he has to wait at least a month before pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal to get that ball a'rollin. With Russia???? I'm guessing no Mother's Day card for Putin. Most likely THE IDIOT is gearing up to drop another one of his Mother-of-all-bombs and then lament the fact that it didn't kill people's families as well as its intended target.

Mark Zuckerberg visited the Capitol building this week to explain Facebook to a bunch of old farts who probably aren't on it, and can't even control the volume of their cell phones when showing each other ugly videos of their ugly grandkids.....but went to Washington D.C. Mr. Zuckerberg went....and what came of this?  Not much from what I read. Politicians did a lot of bitching and Zuckerberg did a lot of 1/2-assed apologizing.

Let's be honest here...87 million people had their data mined for this election, which is probably less per day than the millions who have their data mined to sell us a bunch of junk we don't need. can blame all the memes they want in terms of Russian interference, but they don't hold a candle to hundreds of years of white supremacy and racism and sexism in this country....those 63 million shitheads who voted for THE IDIOT and against the best interest of their country and the world.....they had their minds made up from the time that orange dipshit slithered down his escalator in his dump of a building and declared his candidacy.

look inward's all rot.

Well.....looks like American isn't going to have this Ayn Randian Wanker to kick around anymore:

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan plans on telling his domestic terrorist colleagues in the House that he plans on retiring from public service at the end of this year. While there's no telling what Ryan will do with all of those Koch Brother bucks he's earned over his 20 years, I for one am taking this news with a grain of salt.  I don't like Paul Ryan. I don't like what he stands for. In fact, I hate his face. But I am a touch alarmed at all of the traditional Republicans that are fleeing come this year's mid-term elections.  Hell, at least these people PRETENDED at one point to give a fuck about their country.  So whose left in  the GOP when Ryan leaves other than Trump and shithead like Devin Nunes who spout Trumpian philosophy.....and this is what scares me a touch.  When you have one of your two major political parties completely turning its back on Democracy, as the GOP seems to be heading, that can lead to a lot of trouble....a lot more than this nation is already in.  So let's hope for a democratic landslide in November, because I can almost guarantee whomever the GOP puts up in Ryan's place the year, that person will look at lot more like this:

rather than this:

Actually.....the GOP really DOES have a genuine Nazi running in Wisconsin.

Getting back to this Cohen/Raid business for a second, it seems that the FBI are also targeting American Media INC in this whole investigation.....for those of you who don't know American Media INC....they publish this piece of garbage:

The National Enquirer is deep in more shit than even I have time to cover in this wrap-up, but let's just say that they're pretty close to Trump and Cohen and you can read all about that right HERE before heading off to get another cup of coffee.

Essentially Donald J. Trump's entire adult life has been about underhanded sleaze.

Well...i was going to end this wrap-up with maybe something about Trump/James Comey and the hypocrisy of THE IDIOT calling ANYONE a slime ball....BUT THE IDIOT along with England and France decided to launch retaliatory missile strikes on Syria for the suspected chemical attack by the Syrian government last week....i say SUSPECTED because nothing has actually been know, i don't want to sound like an un-american dickweed here (but I will), but if I'M going to strike a country, possibly killing dozens of civilians, and pushing my own military and civilians deeper into a civil war and quite possibly pushing my country into another actual WORLD FUCKING WAR.....well....i'm going to make damned sure that I'm not using the word SUSPECTED in front of ANYTHING.

just sayin'

And as the world heads toward the brink of global destruction, we continue our little art protest here at WineDrunk SideWalk with the poetry of Thomas R. Thomas here today at 10:30 a.m., and tomorrow ya'll get me.

Speaking of me....I'm going to be off the radar for a couple of weeks. WineDrunk will still be posting daily poems, but i will be unable to do the wrap-ups....sorry to the three of you who read them. The wrap-ups will be back either Saturday April 28th or the following week.

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