Sunday, April 29, 2018


a patient isn’t a piece of meat

take your shirt off

I don’t want to, I’m cold

I need to see your body
see if you deserve treatment

the doctors say I do

your treatment is too expensive
we need to know you are worth it

who isn’t worth it?

the insurance company decides

how can they decide?

they are the ones paying for you

this isn’t about money
it’s about life

this is about profit

how can it be about profit?
how can our lives depend on profit?

your life depends on how
good your insurance is

and if I have no insurance?

then the State decides

and if I have no State?

then you don’t matter at all
your existence is illegal - immoral

how can my life depend on profit?
shouldn’t all money go to patient care?

your life is less important
than profit for a few.

the needs of the wealthy
are greater than the
lives of the poor

--Thomas R. Thomas

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