Sunday, April 1, 2018



Sarah Allen Reed, Samantha Clarke, Jennifer Lagier, Laura Eppinger,
Anonymous, Beth Dranoff, Donna Hilbert, Rachel Nix, Kat Giordano,
Juliet Cook, Claudia Blanchard, Emma Lee, Alexis Rhone Fancher,
Kolleen Carney, Sarah Worrel, Tamara Madison, Jen Manalili,
Susie Sweetland,  and Rachel Toalson,


and especially, Ally Malinenko.....THANK YOU for keeping this blog going
and for doing those fantastic weekly wrap-ups

I've been doing WineDrunk since 2008 first as a dumb ranting blog but then as a showcase
for my writing, really, as an incentive for me to KEEP writing almost every single day.....
and on January 20th it became a formal art protest against that vile IDIOT and everything
he stands for.

BUT.... I have to say, in the over ten years that I've been doing this, and over the
thirteen months this blog has been a protest blog, March 2018 has been the
most satisfying and successful month I've/We've ever had on this blog. All of your work
was wonderful and greatly appreciated. Some of you have contributed before and some
of you are new here. With Ally taking the helm I was able to sit back and read the blog
every day and just appreciate what you've all added to this.

And I hope you stick around and continue to submit. Let's be honest.....your voices
on this protest blog are more important and urgent than mine....and I'd like you
all to continue to be heard here, to help me mark each and every single day that
we have to live under that vile human being.

that's all I'll say except to say THANK YOU once again.


NOW.....but to the ART of protest with a drawing by the wonderful poet Rob Plath

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