Thursday, August 5, 2010

poem of the day 08.05.10

julia roberts

he tells me to come over
and look at his computer

on the screen he has a trailer
for the new julia roberts film

watch this, he says, smiling

in the trailer
julia is biking and sailing
cavorting on the beach
cherry-picking every eastern religion
that she can get her hands on

her big horse-mouth open in awe

i love her, he says
after the trailer is over
she’s my girl
remember that film of hers?
the one where she
has to disguise herself
from her abusive husband?

sleeping with the enemy

yeah, that one
and that other one where she’s a lawyer

the pelican brief

how about that one where julia
has to fight
that chemical company?

erin brockovich?

yeah, man!
that was a great movie

he leans back to stare
at the frozen frame
of the trailer

julia is walking
down the street
with some european grease-ball

i tell you she’s my girl, he says to me

that’s nice, i say

you must like her too
since you know all of her movies

no, i say

i hate the bitch.


Anonymous said...


classic ending.. See, this is why I come here to visit your words. You take what we think or wish we could say, and writer man, you just say it..

This is classic..loved it..

(and thx for reading my scribbles)

John Grochalski said...

lynne....i reached breaking point with Julia Roberts....but i did get a free Eat Pray Love bookmark, so whenever i'm done reading about the creation of the Transcontinental Railroad, I get Julia's face when I close the book....and you're welcome about your blog..keep writing!

Unknown said...

Missed this the first time around. Hilarious.