Friday, August 27, 2010

poem of the day 08.27.10

a response as to why
i kicked the laundry basket
against the bedroom wall

because i set the alarm incorrectly
and it went off a half hour early
because i could not get it to shut off
then had to lay awake, staring at another
mediocre dawn coming through the window
because one of the cats
shit on the living room floor
because the fly in the bathroom won’t die
because i burnt the toast
and the coffee tasted like death
because there was nothing good on the radio
because i didn’t like today’s weather forecast
because i was tired of going
to a mediocre job, talking to mediocre people,
eating a mediocre lunch, carving out a mediocre existence
for less than enough money
because i should be thankful for a job
in these tough economic times
because there was a picture of paris
on our wall, and i was mad that we weren’t there
because i’m tired of movies and poetry
because my wardrobe is old and bland
because all art is old and bland
because john lennon is still dead
because jesus ruins everything
and the shower would not get hot
because we are running out
of mountain strawberry shampoo and freezer bags
because my bag smells like old socks
because i can’t find a decent book to read
because the newspapers are filled
with nothing but human comedy and crossword puzzles
because the bad guys keep winning
and the good guys don’t exist

i kicked the laundry basket against
the bedroom wall
because it felt imaginative to do so

and i’ll take anything these days
that has the slightest stink of originality


Anonymous said...

Bang... excellent.. nothing else needs to be said...

Unknown said...

... because I can't write sometimes as good as this. Excellent, John.

John Grochalski said... can...and you have. i know because i've read your poems and fiction...again, that would've been on helluva flip chapbook!