Thursday, October 1, 2015

poem of the day 10.01.15

trigger warning

jumps on tom’s back
rides him like a horse
says, i can’t believe i know
a fucking cop now
because tom’s a cop now
bob-cut red head
red top black skirt
black nylons bucking tom’s ribs
she laughs giggles
googly eyes
reminds me of mary
these women should come with warning labels
a surgeon general’s warning
like on the back of a pack of smokes
cigarettes julie steals from me
in tom’s car with a wink
but she’s meeting someone else tonight
some over-aged beach bum
who looks like peter tork from the monkees
who she just met this afternoon
officer tom says into his beer
julie’s just like that
she’s got a two year old, you know
twenty-one with a kid
i watch this scene
her hands in his hair
hands on her black nylon thighs
she looks at me and winks
what does she want?
julie and her wink wink winks
her two year old
actually two and a half, officer tom says
after we drop her off
bob cut red head
red shirt black skirt
shaking her ass up the stairs
another one of my cigarettes in her mouth
her phone number written in lipstick
in heaven
my god.


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