Monday, October 12, 2015

poem of the day 10.12.15

party time

steve says
no negative
married chicks, dudes?
but calvin and i go anyway
and it’s as bad as steve thought
claire isn’t even talking to me
because we’re around her friends
her husband’s friends
their big house in the suburbs
with woods with a wooden deck
everything glossy and lacquered
photos on the mantelpiece
husband squeezing claire on mt. washington
at niagara falls with all that water behind them
i tell calvin,
look how big this motherfucker is
and he’s huge
could put me through a wall
and pull me back again
here we’ve been drinking his crown royal all night
like we’ve come for his kingdom and crown
here i told calvin in the car
i think i can get myself home
if anything happens between me and claire
but i don’t think they’ll be any after party for me
no merciful break from this sex drought
nary a tall-tale about the married one in bed
all those things i learned
calvin pours us more of hubby’s crown
as the door flies open
man, he’s even bigger in person
takes up the whole frame
as joyous cheers ring throughout the house
as claire comes into the room screaming
you’re here! you’re really here!
jumping into his popeye arms
he carries her off somewhere in the house
muffled laughter of the guests
turns into awkward banter
clockwatching blues
thirty minutes later

and they still haven’t come back.                                             

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