Wednesday, October 21, 2015

poem of the day 10.21.15

before sunrise

cat diarrhea
on the bath matt
my wife runs around
the apartment cleaning
cat vomit cat shit
off the carpet too
while i write letters
to oscar in spain
instead of poems or fiction
the bank account
has been hijacked
$300 to some camera company in manhattan
$200 to some online bonanza 
some poor disgruntled fuck
who put card scanners on the ATM
on the grocery credit slot
they can read your credit card through your pants now
someone who hates their boss
hates their job
decided it was worthwhile
to take it out on us
the bank says don’t worry don’t worry
but the charges have gone through
oh i hear my wife gagging
from within the confines of this little hell
we have going on
but i can do nothing
except shout
i got it i got it fucking cat shit
beg oscar in emails
to tell me something good
as the cat prances around the apartment
waiting to spew out of both ends again
like a roman
while i
dunderheaded gobmack fucked
sit shaky fingered
on the trigger of another day
and the ugly sun

still has yet to rise.                                             

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