Tuesday, October 20, 2015

poem of the day 10.20.15

pretty chinese girls at st. stephen’s green

the pretty chinese girls
are at st. stephen’s green
they’re standing in front of the iconic arch
taking as many selfies as humanly possible
they are forming karma sutra positions
one pretty chinese girl climbing over
another pretty chinese girl wrapped beneath
another pretty chinese girl
positioning themselves any way they can
to get that perfect shot
none of the pretty chinese girls
are even looking at the arch
i wonder if they even know they are in dublin
pretty chinese girls can be anywhere in the world
taking photos and complicated selfies
i’ll bet there are pretty chinese girls in manhattan right now
doing the same thing in times square
or i’ll bet they’re in egypt
taking acrobatic pictures in front of the pyramids
smiling in front of muslim brotherhood members
being carted off to die
honesty i don’t mind the pretty chinese girls
they’re young and cute and most everyone i know is old
and has something arbitrary to bitch about
i just wish they’d get out of the way
so that the wife and i could get a picture of the st. stephen’s arch
our own albeit less energetic selfie
so we can go into the park and then head to the pub
where i haven’t seen a pretty chinese girl
hoist a guinness all week
when my wife has had enough of the pretty chinese girls
she starts to wave at them to move
but the pretty chinese girls don’t understand
instead they think my wife wants a picture of them
in all of their asian beauty
so they line up like fashion models in front of the arch
waiting for the click and glamor of our outdated camera
my wife shouts at them, no, no, the arch, the arch
and the pretty chinese girls look back
at the stone structure like they’ve never seen it before
move but an inch out of the way
so my wife can get our long sought after picture
just as some asshole twink in a pink cardigan

walks right into the frame.                                             

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